These instructions will walk you through how to add an additional channel to the home page. This will work best if you have two browser windows open.

  1. Edit the Home page (NOT Edit with Elementor, just the Edit option).

  2. Scroll down to the “Scripts n Styles” section, and click on “Scripts” on the left side of that section (if it’s not already active). Then scroll down to the 2nd edit box.

  3. Copy the template code at the top of the window, fromĀ  “{” to “},”. Note there are not quotes before the curly braces…that’s just there to be clear about the things you’re copying from & to. But do include the trailing comma after the closing curly brace.

  4. Paste that station code at the beginning of the line starting with an opening curly brace { and just above the station you want your new station to appear before.

  5. Set the name to whatever you want it to be.

  6. Right-click on the “Media” option in the left-side menu. Select “Open in new window.”

  7. Upload the channel icon image to your Media Library.

  8. In the media library, click on the image you want to add.

  9. Copy the contents of the URL field on the right side of the page.

  10. Switch back to the first window (where you are editing the Home page), and paste the image URL you copied into the image value.

  11. Delete the domain portion from that URL you just posted. E.g., change “” to “/wp-content/uploads/sites/10/2018/12/Format-Icon-Classical.jpg”

  12. Edit the categories, entering all categories you want this station to be included in. If there is more than one category, separate them each with a comma.

  13. If you do not have the audio file uploaded to Dropbox, skip to step 21.

  14. Switch back to the media library browser window you opened previously, and use that window to go log in to Dropbox.

  15. Upload the audio file if you haven’t yet.

  16. Click on the Share button for the audio file you want to link to.

  17. Click the “Create a link” link.

  18. Click the “Copy link” link.

  19. Switch back to the browser window with the Edit Home Page open.

  20. Paste the link you copied from Dropbox inside the quotes for the stream field.

  21. Scroll back up on the Edit home page screen, and click the “Update” button on the right side.

  22. Go test your updated home page!